It’s time again for the annual read an e-book week at Smashwords. Already more than 20,000 authors have signed up to offer drastically reduced prices for one week only.

I’m offering all my books for 0.99. Just follow the links below beginning March 5th.



Lacy’s End – A mother and daughter fight to escape an abusive home.

In The Victim’s Shadow – Her mother is murdered, as she stands by helpless. Twenty-seven years later, the killer is still at large and someone is stalking her.

Children’s books

Fight for the Kingdom – Two young boys on an adventure to recover a stolen dragon’s egg before the mother incinerates the kingdom

Crime Solver’s Detective Agency book 1- She’s a pint-sized detective and her antics will leave you in stitches

Grand Theft – Crime Solver’s book 2- She back for more laughs and adventure as she solves the case of the stolen mustangs

YA Christian

Capturing Faith – Amber loves God. Chelsea loves herself. When these two worlds collide, Pastor David Owens must do what he can to smooth out the mess

Twisted Faith- Pastor David Owens has the biggest case of his life; trying to save the life of a teenage suicidal mother

Jessica Crawford series

Coveting Love- Jessica Crawford is torn between two brothers. She flees to Australia where she confronts danger she never saw coming

Confronting Truths- Jessica Crawford and Amy Jackson come face-to-face with their past lies


YULIN -A terrible injustice

There’s a terrible injustice going on and the world needs to hear about it. Dog’s are being tortured all around the world – everyday for the sadistic pleasure of people who think it makes dog meat taste better if the dog is tortured and mutilated while still alive.  I’m not going to preach about my beliefs about eating dogs – who are supposed to be man’s best friend, except to say that as I write this, I see my two sweet, loving dogs sleeping on the couch beside me, not a care in the world except filling their obligation to be a loving pet to me and my family and can’t even imagine that happening to them.  That’s not what this is about.  Torturing dogs, and butchering them alive while people stand by and cheer is inhumane and MUST stop.  Stealing dogs from what’s supposed to be the safety of their own yard for the purpose of torturing them – sacrificing them to the highest bidder needs to STOP.  How can you help?  Go to this website and read about it.  There are several links on the site with suggestions for ways to make the public aware. http://savingdogsinyulin.org  There’s an event, organized by my animal rights activist daughter, Jamie Schwimley, scheduled for March 11th in Downtown Sacramento.  If you’re in the Sacramento area or know of people in the area you can pass the word to, please plan to join us for the Fight for The Innocent on:

March 11, 2017 at 1:00 PM


PLEASE don’t turn a blind eye to this injustice  – help spread the word, let your government know we won’t stand for this!

Free books? Free for whom?

I had a recent encounter with a co-worker who gushed excitedly about all the free books she gets on Bookbub.  So, I asked her, “Do you ever leave a review for those books?” Her reply was that she hadn’t even thought to do that. I pointed out to her that authors offer free books in hopes of getting a review in exchange for that book. I also shared with her the many hours and dollars we authors put into producing that free book.  She hadn’t thought of that either.  It brought to mind a distant post I made about free books. I decided I needed to share it again. Please fee free to share this information. Author really need those reviews!

Here it is:

A word about free books:

Food for thought. I recently received notification from a Facebook friend who liked a site that gives away free books. I read the comments following the post where people had commented on how great it was to get all these free books, followed by others who were frustrated because after downloading the AP they found they had to actually pay for the books they wanted. As an author, I just want to bring to attention the fact that an author spends at least a year producing a good quality book. The expense to the author is costly. There are editors to pay (readers want error free books, right?,) book covers to pay for (the artists want to be paid), and that could cost anywhere from 100-600 dollars. Then there is advertisements to pay for…etc. I have to put the question out there, would you expect to go to the movies and not pay for your ticket? I think not. Would you go to work in the morning and not be paid for your days wage? I think not. Now, I want to point out that authors (including myself) give away many free copies of books for promotional purposes. So, if you want a free copy of a book and are lucky enough to obtain one, please don’t pass around a book you like, recommend it to a friend for purchase. And please be kind enough to leave a review on book websites. Reviews drive sales for authors. The more reviews an author receives the higher its ranking on Amazon, which increases its chance of being noticed. Thanks for listening.

**5.0 out of 5 stars Addicting and Suspenseful**



What if you witnessed your mother’s murder at the age of five?  What kind of impact would that have on your life? 

What if it were your father who pulled the trigger? How would that affect your life?

Katherine Winters and Chad Simon are about to find out – with devastating results.


On a cold San Francisco evening, Amber and Katherine Winters, a mother and daughter modeling team, stop at a corner store after work for some much-needed ice cream and is instead met with an action from a desperate man that will put an end to Amber’s life, and forever scar Katherine.
That desperate man is Spencer Simon, a man out of luck, with no job and no place to live. Rejected from yet another job, at that same corner market, Spencer is surprised to find himself pulling out a gun instead of the change for his cup of coffee. He is even more surprised when the cashier throws the money at him. When the gun fires, killing the beautiful model as he is trying to flee, Spencer doesn’t know what to do-except run, leaving five-year old Katherine crying over her dead mother.
Twenty-seven years later, Katherine is all grown up, and Spencer has a son who, forced to grow up under his father’s soul-consuming guilt, is bitter over having lost his childhood. Chad focuses his hatred on Katherine, whom he blames for his problems, and devises a plan to make her suffer as much as he has.
Katherine has now become a successful lawyer, with a longing in her heart for something special: a child. When Chad attempts to enter Katherine’s life, she is unimpressed and easily dismisses him. This only angers Chad more, causing him to devise another plan. Chad learns of John Wheaton, the man Katherine is in love with, and upon seeing the strength of their bond, reacts in anger over Katherine’s happiness and attacks John, leaving him for dead and Katherine facing another loss in her life.
Meanwhile, in an attempt to appease his guilt and in some way show his son that he loves him, Spencer sits back and watches as his son become this bitter monster.


5.0 out of 5 starsThis book will keep you reading all night.

5.0 out of 5 starsImpeccably written!

5.0 out of 5 starsRomantic Suspense at its best!

4.0 out of 5 starsI laughed and I cried

4.0 out of 5 starsGood balance of suspense and romance

4.0 out of 5 starsIf you’re a romance fan, don’t hesitate

4.0 out of 5 starsAn enjoyable read