Monthly Archives: February 2015

Free books. Should they be free?

A word about free books:

Food for thought. I recently received notification from a Facebook friend who liked a site that gives away free books. I read the comments following the post where people had commented on how great it was to get all these free books, followed by others who were frustrated because after downloading the AP they found they had to actually pay for the books they wanted. As an author, I just want to bring to attention the fact that an author spends at least a year producing a good quality book. The expense to the author is costly. There are editors to pay (readers want error free books, right?,) book covers to pay for (the artists want to be paid), and that could cost anywhere from 100-600 dollars. Then there is advertisements to pay for…etc. I have to put the question out there, would you expect to go to the movies and not pay for your ticket? I think not. Would you go to work in the morning and not be paid for your days wage? I think not. Now, I want to point out that authors (including myself) give away many free copies of books for promotional purposes. So, if you want a free copy of a book and are lucky enough to obtain one, please don’t pass around a book you like, recommend it to a friend for purchase. And please be kind enough to leave a review on book websites. Reviews drive sales for authors. The more reviews an author receives the higher its ranking on Amazon, which increases its chance of being noticed. Thanks for listening.