Monthly Archives: September 2015

Amazing creativity

deepFreak is a highly imaginative novel. The creative genius that went into making this story is so unique it amazed me. You might need the included glossary to validate some of the words, but that’s what makes this story so different. The characters are interesting, and I enjoyed getting involved in their thoughts, motivations, and adventures. The virtual reality world, political conspiracy, wrapped around a Sci-Fi backdrop, made this one interesting novel. Come and meet Audrey, Dano, and the rest of the gang and see for yourself how captivating this novel can be.Get your copy heredeepfreak

Fun read for all ages

I just had the pleasure of reading a fun book that’s filled with imagination. The Phantom of Faerie Mountain is a fantasy about young Abby who is kidnapped by a magical creature (loveable dog) who kidnaps her, so she can help him find the red king. It was such a fun read that I can’t wait to share it with my pre-teen granddaughters. I definitely recommend this to fantasy readers.f9a5c4f77a24891ed29cd6db0ad3fa3530075013-thumb