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It Touches my heart


As an author, I’m thrilled when I can touch a reader.  Despite the fact that writing is a business, it’s not why I started writing. Simply put, I love to tell stories.  I’ve been telling them since I was a kid and will tell them well into my senior years. Every once in a while, I get a review that is so special I want to share it.  Here’s a review by Verasbookreviewsandstuff.

Customer Review

on July 27, 2017

In The Victim’s Shadow by author Victoira Schwimley, the reader finds a suspense filled romance. Amber Winters lost her mother to violent when a child; without leads, the police never caught the culprit.. Never receiving closure of her mother’s murder affected Amber greatly . Amber, a successful attorney, lives a life of luxury, as her father’s wealthy and she’s wealthy in her own right. However lately, she felt dissatisfied with her life. She’s feeling her internal biological clock ticking. As the next anniversary of her mother’s death approaches strange things begin to happen; she turns to her best friend.

John, an attorney in the same firm and Amber’s best friend, secretly felt more for her. As a result, John recognizes Amber’s unease; someone’s messing with her mind and life. A psychotic stalker has Amber in his sights. My suspense romance book reviews of In The Victim’s Shadow follows.


Author Victoria Schwimley filled In The Victim’s Shadow with intrigue, suspense, and romance. Stalked by a psychotic deranged man, fueled by revenge and jealousy, Schwinley created a first-class villain in Chad. As Schwimley developed the character of Chad, I found him a scary man. With a personality filled with hate, Chad hides his true character as best he can from Amber. However at times of stress, he reveals his true nature; Chad’s temper sits on the edge of explosion and he erupts often. Chad’s a crude rude man raised in an atmosphere of uncaring and poverty. I can not reveal the reasons for Chad’s mental instabilities without spoilers. Needless to say, the turn of events will surprise the reader.

Amber and John, although wealthy and privileged, have caring hearts for the underdog, their friends, and family. Schwimley skillfully introduced the romance between them; including very tasteful love scene which did not include erotica, explicit, or graphic sex. This is a sweet romance between best friends as they realize they want more than friendship. Each have strong personalities; John’s the perfect love interest for Amber. Each are classy, articulate, and successful.

With many plot threads to bring together and weave into a solid book, Schwimley wove the plot threads together and masterly leads the reader through this action packed story. I found the pace of story correct for the length of the book and the characters well-developed. Schwimley also added in tidbits of faith into the story-line. Schwimley demonstrates how past events affect many lives. The reader views this story from the prospect of the victim and culprit. After I started this book, sleep was the only thing which had me laying it down. The suspense, intrigue, and mystery, kept at high peak, had me reading long into the night. The inventive way Schwimley introduced Chad into Amber and John’s life made his crossing their path seem normal.

In Chad, the reader finds not only a first-class villain, he’s also intelligent in a crude way, angry, sneaky, street wise, and bordering on insanity. You will love to hate him and wish for his demise. He is far beneath Amber’s class and his dreams of the future ridiculous. With an explosive surprise ending with multiple revelations, I sat on the edge of my chair as Amber learns the reasons behind Chad’s madness. An epilogue brings closure to this intense story. I closed this book with a sigh of satisfaction for a story which held my attention from the first page, characters I came to love and a story which me kept intrigued. Kudos Ms. Schweinley, kudos for a job well done.

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