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Twisted Faith is now distributed on popular audio formats through Blackstone publishing and Red Rose Audio! I’ve waited a long time for the production of this audio. I wouldn’t settle for just any narrator. I was holding out for the right duo to fit together, and  I have to say I’m ecstatic with the results of this team. Conner Goff and Kelley Mack deliver  a powerful performance that brings you right into the characters’ feelings.  I have to add a special thanks to the Silverton agency for your professional services in production, narrator selection, and distribution.  Thanks to you all for making Twisted Faith so special.

To honor this release, I’m giving away one download of the audiobook to two people. To enter to win, send me an email at and in the subject line write, “I want to win.” Winners will be chosen by random number draw on March 15th. Can’t wait for the contest? You’ll find the audiobook for sale at these popular retailers.

Available at Downpour on instant download or audio CD
Available at Audible
Audio CD at Amazon
Ratuken Kobo

Publisher’s Summary

Abby Stein is young, smart, and obedient. But even obedient girls can make a mistake once in a while.

While most girls learn a lesson and move on, Abby isn’t allowed to do that. When a poor choice at a party leaves Abby pregnant and alone, her overly religious parents and church community will make her life so miserable that she’s forced to consider suicide as her only way out. With nowhere else to turn, Abby makes a desperate call from the parking lot of New Hope Christian Church. Pastor David Owens leads a fledgling congregation at New Hope Christian Church and answers the call. As the suspense increases, so does the little group of congregants working together in a race to save her life. Can they get through to Abby and show her God’s true love before it’s too late?

Twisted Faith is the second book in the Faith series.

Rave reviews are already coming in:

***Once I started, I couldn’t stop!!!!

When Abby meets Jimmy and makes a bad decision, her whole life gets turned upside down. Her strict parents enforce very cruel punishments for Abby after they find out she is pregnant and forbidding her to see Jimmy again.
The events that take place have Abby’s head spinning, she doesn’t know what to do any more. Her parents are pushing to adopt the baby but Abby doesn’t want her baby reared by her parents. She is confused, tired of the fight with her parents, missing Jimmy she thinks suicide would be the best for her and her baby. Thank goodness Pastor Owens answers the phone and takes the time to talk to Abby, to find out about Abby.

The narrators do an excellent job!!! 

 ***Couldn’t put it down!

Although this is a 2nd book in a series, it definitely stands on it’s own. I did not read book 1 and had no problem keeping up with what was going on. The story was so well told I felt like I had an investment in what was happening to the characters. I was sad, happy and very angry at and for the happenings. I love how the author wrapped the story up in the end. The narrators did a WONDERFUL job of the characters they were portraying. I enjoyed this book from start to finish and will be looking for Book 3!

Worth a credit? YES IT IS

***I was hooked when I read the first chapter.

This is a continuation of Captured Faith; however, it’s a great book to read as a stand-alone. Pastor David has since moved on from his position as the youth pastor to become Pastor at New Hope Christian Church, a church in dire need of an upgrade of both its building and congregation. Shortly after accepting the position Pastor Dave received a call from a young mother in distress. As the conversation progressed, readers hear more of Abby’s horrific story. The characters are introduced excellently as readers are brought into the story. I felt as though I met each character and went through this emotional night with them. I appreciated how the congregation came together to help Abby and gained a renewed sense of faith for themselves.

I was hooked when I read the first chapter. I found it extremely hard to stop and I recommend this to all readers. I should also let you know my 12 year old listened with me and couldn’t wait to get back to it until we were finished. I listened to the audiobook and felt Kelly and Conner did an excellent job; even better than I could have done. Both voices were perfect for their character. I really loved this book and rate it with 5 stars. 

 ***Twisted Faith

Twisted Faith, Book 2
: Victoria Schwimley

This coming of age YA book explores relatioships between families, young couples, religous groups and school friends. It shows how one event can evolve into a chain of events that effect a community. The story is told from two different prespectives, and how they interact. I found myself crying and holding my breath until the very end. Awesome work by the author and narration team!

The narration was well done. The characters were well portrayed by Kelley Mack, Conner Goff.

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