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Why I write Christian Fiction

First, let me say I love being a #Christian. I am one of the ones fortunate to have experienced God’s grace. But let me say, you don’t have to be a Christian to live the life God intended. When is the last time you helped a neighbor? Or perhaps you saw a total stranger struggling with something and ran to help.  Or as I personally experienced, had someone behind you see you struggling to find your debit card in line at Starbucks, and lean past you to tell the barista they’d be happy to pay for you.  True, these are small things and may not seem like much, but if you’ve done them, you’re living the life of a Christian, whether or not you’re a believer. The people portrayed in my story are NOT living the life of a Christian, even though they proudly proclaim to be. They are part of a twisted sect that thinks they have all the answers. As a humble pastor once told me, nobody has all the answers, and to proclaim you do is like saying you’re God. I wanted to share with you my most recent review for Twisted Faith, and the reason is because the person who wrote this review, has nailed my intent for Twisted Faith. I want to say thank you to BookBelle, for sharing your thoughts so openly in your review. When some people read my story, they’re going to think that things like this don’t happen, but I can assure you they do, as attested to by BookBelle in her review.   I hope many lives are touched by my story, especially the young and vulnerable who are afraid to reach out for help.Twisted Faith review by BookBelle

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Lacy’s End – A mother and daughter fight to escape an abusive home.

In The Victim’s Shadow – Her mother is murdered, as she stands by helpless. Twenty-seven years later, the killer is still at large and someone is stalking her.

Children’s books

Fight for the Kingdom – Two young boys on an adventure to recover a stolen dragon’s egg before the mother incinerates the kingdom

Crime Solver’s Detective Agency book 1- She’s a pint-sized detective and her antics will leave you in stitches

Grand Theft – Crime Solver’s book 2- She back for more laughs and adventure as she solves the case of the stolen mustangs

YA Christian

Capturing Faith – Amber loves God. Chelsea loves herself. When these two worlds collide, Pastor David Owens must do what he can to smooth out the mess

Twisted Faith- Pastor David Owens has the biggest case of his life; trying to save the life of a teenage suicidal mother

Jessica Crawford series

Coveting Love- Jessica Crawford is torn between two brothers. She flees to Australia where she confronts danger she never saw coming

Confronting Truths- Jessica Crawford and Amy Jackson come face-to-face with their past lies


**5.0 out of 5 stars Addicting and Suspenseful**



What if you witnessed your mother’s murder at the age of five?  What kind of impact would that have on your life? 

What if it were your father who pulled the trigger? How would that affect your life?

Katherine Winters and Chad Simon are about to find out – with devastating results.


On a cold San Francisco evening, Amber and Katherine Winters, a mother and daughter modeling team, stop at a corner store after work for some much-needed ice cream and is instead met with an action from a desperate man that will put an end to Amber’s life, and forever scar Katherine.
That desperate man is Spencer Simon, a man out of luck, with no job and no place to live. Rejected from yet another job, at that same corner market, Spencer is surprised to find himself pulling out a gun instead of the change for his cup of coffee. He is even more surprised when the cashier throws the money at him. When the gun fires, killing the beautiful model as he is trying to flee, Spencer doesn’t know what to do-except run, leaving five-year old Katherine crying over her dead mother.
Twenty-seven years later, Katherine is all grown up, and Spencer has a son who, forced to grow up under his father’s soul-consuming guilt, is bitter over having lost his childhood. Chad focuses his hatred on Katherine, whom he blames for his problems, and devises a plan to make her suffer as much as he has.
Katherine has now become a successful lawyer, with a longing in her heart for something special: a child. When Chad attempts to enter Katherine’s life, she is unimpressed and easily dismisses him. This only angers Chad more, causing him to devise another plan. Chad learns of John Wheaton, the man Katherine is in love with, and upon seeing the strength of their bond, reacts in anger over Katherine’s happiness and attacks John, leaving him for dead and Katherine facing another loss in her life.
Meanwhile, in an attempt to appease his guilt and in some way show his son that he loves him, Spencer sits back and watches as his son become this bitter monster.


5.0 out of 5 starsThis book will keep you reading all night.

5.0 out of 5 starsImpeccably written!

5.0 out of 5 starsRomantic Suspense at its best!

4.0 out of 5 starsI laughed and I cried

4.0 out of 5 starsGood balance of suspense and romance

4.0 out of 5 starsIf you’re a romance fan, don’t hesitate

4.0 out of 5 starsAn enjoyable read





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Premade exclusive book cover 538 (2)Chelsea Warren is the most popular girl in school, and the leader of the tightest clique on campus. The most important things to her are her looks and the respect of her followers. But Chelsea has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know.

Amber Walker is compassionate, trustworthy, and the most well-adjusted girl in school. The most important thing to her is serving God and her community.

When an argument between Chelsea and her best friend occurs, she runs straight to Amber for help. Amber discovers Chelsea’s secret and turns to Pastor David Owens for assistance.

Ryan Evers is the smartest boy on campus, but when a careless accident leaves one of the girls clinging to life and Ryan the object of hate, he also turns to David.

Can David help these three troubled teens before it’s too late?

***Capturing Faith is the first in the Faith Series featuring Pastor David Owens***

Featured Image -- 53Pastor David Owens came to New Hope Christian church expecting to revive a flailing congregation. What he got instead was just a building filled with grumbling, gossiping people.

Then one night, as he’s locking up to go home, he receives a desperate call from a young woman in the parking lot.

Abigail Stein is seventeen and an unwed mother. Persecuted by religiously fanatical parents, Abby is on the verge of killing herself—along with her baby.

David turns to God for guidance, calling on all his training to save the lives of this young woman and her child. Is it enough? Can David help her see the strength of God’s love before it’s too late?

***Twisted Faith is the second book in the Faith series featuring Pastor David Owens***

The review that tingles

Every once in a while an author comes across a review that leaves him or her with an AHA moment, pleased that a reader got the point of the story head on. This review is the one that left me with tingles.

“I loved this book!”

First let me tell you this: I’m not a Christian. So, what on Earth is a new-ager like me doing picking up a book that’s basically a doorway into Christian faith?

It was Amber Walker in the audio sample. She got me immediately. I’d like to be more like her! So I listened to Capturing Faith, and I was completely delighted by it.

Victoria Schwimley has a gift of describing the mental and emotional change that takes place before, during and after you find faith – and in teenagers, no less! I myself found my own story of finding faith there, right down to the “God bug” 😀 Faith is universal, and so is the joy of finding it – so this is a great book whether you believe in God, the Universe or however you call the loving higher power.

This book describes to young adults what faith and church are about. Victoria Schwimley is unveiling the mystery, so to speak. In a very nice way. As a non-Christian, I really appreciate that no one in this book is pushing anybody into Christian faith, knowing deep down that when it’s time for it to happen, it will, and Amber is standing patiently nearby to lend a hand.

The young characters Ms. Schwimley created for us are loveable and relatable – at least for a 32 year old me 🙂 Beware though – you spend most time in Chelsea’s point of view, and just when you start being really invested in her transformation, that point of view is ripped from you. It’s jarring, as it’s supposed to be… It almost took me out of the story. But Amber and her friends restored all that by being thoughtful young people.

The narrator’s young voice is perfect for the piece, and she’s really good, lending the story a lot of life.

Ms. Schwimley, you have captured me and I have faith in this series!

Available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. Audio book available  at Audible

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New in audiobooks

I just finished a truly great audio book that deserves attention.

First, let me tell you about author EM McIntyre.  She is one talented author.  With the Phantom of Fairie Mountain being her premiere noel in 2015, this author has a long and successful career ahead of her. She’s currently working with fervor on the sequel to this great book.

Winner in two award categories:

1st Place Winner for Young Adult Fiction ~~ 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Award

Silver Award for Young Adult Mystery ~~ 2016 Readers Favorite

With these credentials, you’re sure to get a quality read.

The Phantom of Fairie Mountain begins with young Abby and her sister. Sage traveling by car to their home.  They are preoccupied with Abby’s unhappiness with their sudden move to a strange country and don’t notice the fog begin to move in. Suddenly, Sage is in a trance and Abby begins to worry.  Then she spots a large, green dog closing in on the car and begins to panic. When the dog speaks to her in her head, Abby doesn’t know what to do.  Just as quickly as the fog moved in, it begins to dissipate as the dog walks away.  When Sage doesn’t believe Abby’s tale, she becomes determined to find someone who will. Enter Mrs. McTavish in Chapter two who talks in mysterious phrases and eyes Abby’s tale with a twinkle. She lends her an old book in which Abby discovers the origin of her mysterious dog. Determined to get the answers she seeks, Abby takes off on a mission to discover the truth… which is where the adventure begins. My favorite character in this book is Rory and I hope we see more of him in book two.

I first read this book a couple of years ago and was thrilled to see it released in audio format.  I’m an experienced audio listener and know a good narrator when I hear one, and Joshua Young is quite skilled at bringing characters to life. With several titles to his credit, he’s such a pleasure to listen to.

This book is free on Audible with a trial membership Or when choosing this book for your monthly selection.

Not an Audible member?  There’s a great way to listen to this book for only five dollars.  Buy the Kindle version of the book for 2.99 and add the audible upgrade for 1.99. WHAT a Deal! two books for the price of one. I’ve purchased several books this way, and have amassed quite a library.

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