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The review that tingles

Every once in a while an author comes across a review that leaves him or her with an AHA moment, pleased that a reader got the point of the story head on. This review is the one that left me with tingles.

“I loved this book!”

First let me tell you this: I’m not a Christian. So, what on Earth is a new-ager like me doing picking up a book that’s basically a doorway into Christian faith?

It was Amber Walker in the audio sample. She got me immediately. I’d like to be more like her! So I listened to Capturing Faith, and I was completely delighted by it.

Victoria Schwimley has a gift of describing the mental and emotional change that takes place before, during and after you find faith – and in teenagers, no less! I myself found my own story of finding faith there, right down to the “God bug” 😀 Faith is universal, and so is the joy of finding it – so this is a great book whether you believe in God, the Universe or however you call the loving higher power.

This book describes to young adults what faith and church are about. Victoria Schwimley is unveiling the mystery, so to speak. In a very nice way. As a non-Christian, I really appreciate that no one in this book is pushing anybody into Christian faith, knowing deep down that when it’s time for it to happen, it will, and Amber is standing patiently nearby to lend a hand.

The young characters Ms. Schwimley created for us are loveable and relatable – at least for a 32 year old me 🙂 Beware though – you spend most time in Chelsea’s point of view, and just when you start being really invested in her transformation, that point of view is ripped from you. It’s jarring, as it’s supposed to be… It almost took me out of the story. But Amber and her friends restored all that by being thoughtful young people.

The narrator’s young voice is perfect for the piece, and she’s really good, lending the story a lot of life.

Ms. Schwimley, you have captured me and I have faith in this series!

Available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. Audio book available  at Audible

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New in audiobooks

I just finished a truly great audio book that deserves attention.

First, let me tell you about author EM McIntyre.  She is one talented author.  With the Phantom of Fairie Mountain being her premiere noel in 2015, this author has a long and successful career ahead of her. She’s currently working with fervor on the sequel to this great book.

Winner in two award categories:

1st Place Winner for Young Adult Fiction ~~ 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Award

Silver Award for Young Adult Mystery ~~ 2016 Readers Favorite

With these credentials, you’re sure to get a quality read.

The Phantom of Fairie Mountain begins with young Abby and her sister. Sage traveling by car to their home.  They are preoccupied with Abby’s unhappiness with their sudden move to a strange country and don’t notice the fog begin to move in. Suddenly, Sage is in a trance and Abby begins to worry.  Then she spots a large, green dog closing in on the car and begins to panic. When the dog speaks to her in her head, Abby doesn’t know what to do.  Just as quickly as the fog moved in, it begins to dissipate as the dog walks away.  When Sage doesn’t believe Abby’s tale, she becomes determined to find someone who will. Enter Mrs. McTavish in Chapter two who talks in mysterious phrases and eyes Abby’s tale with a twinkle. She lends her an old book in which Abby discovers the origin of her mysterious dog. Determined to get the answers she seeks, Abby takes off on a mission to discover the truth… which is where the adventure begins. My favorite character in this book is Rory and I hope we see more of him in book two.

I first read this book a couple of years ago and was thrilled to see it released in audio format.  I’m an experienced audio listener and know a good narrator when I hear one, and Joshua Young is quite skilled at bringing characters to life. With several titles to his credit, he’s such a pleasure to listen to.

This book is free on Audible with a trial membershiphttp://www.audible.com/pd/Teens/The-Phantom-of-Faerie-Mountain-Audiobook/B01LO38D00 Or when choosing this book for your monthly selection.

Not an Audible member?  There’s a great way to listen to this book for only five dollars.  Buy the Kindle version of the book for 2.99 and add the audible upgrade for 1.99. WHAT a Deal! two books for the price of one. I’ve purchased several books this way, and have amassed quite a library.

If you don’t like audio books and prefer to read, you can pick up an ebook version for only 2.99 at either Amazon or Smashwords.


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